Our Philosophy

Health Freedom

To us, health freedom is the right to choose how we heal our bodies and our minds. For those of us who have an intimate relationship with the plant, we know the profound impact cannabis can have on our physical and psychological well being. Founded on the core principle of compassion, it is our privilege and our responsibility to advocate for patients and to be a reliable source for information and access.

Cannabis and Health

We go above and beyond our competitors by providing products that are free of carcinogenics, organically sourced edible ingredients and oils produced through a distillation process that superior currently available.

Proper Use of Cannabis

Our products go through microbial screenings and testing from laboratories with exceptional reputations in order to ensure accurate potency results and labeling. This rigorous testing gives you the consumer the confidence to use these products safely know that attention and care has been given to each item.

Product Sourcing

We at Smooth Treats have gone to great lengths to establish relationships with only premier commercially licensed growers in Canada. It is why we have limited our inventory to only the best, highly quality items and allows us to stand behind everything we sell.


We are constantly changing our inventory so be alert to new items and products. If you don’t see something on our site doesn’t mean we don’t have it. We bring in different products to appeal to different consumers. If you want something that is not on our site, please send us a note and we will be happy to accommodate. [email protected]